Monday, October 17, 2011

-Whatever You do, do not bake- day!

This cake from the blog "Siskot kokkaa" would not leave
my brain alone, so I had to try to bake it. (This is not my
picture, it is also from "Siskot kokkaa")

Well, it was one of those days, that one should not try to bake,
but go get take out and some Ice-cream from the store!

-Sigh-, here we go.

It took forever to chop that chocolate!

Eggs and sugar. Now they need to be made fluffy.

Looking good, peaks are starting to form. Perfect form!
Then I slowly, gently fold in the flour mixture and chocolate.
It de-fluffs!!! And I remember...I have never, NEVER been
able to make a finnish style sugarcake here in the states, they
always do this exact same thing, die down when the flour goes
in. Before Ina came to my life, I used boxed cake mixes!!!!
What was I thinking! And Why does this happen???????

I STILL remain hopeful and put the cake in the

Who am I kidding, this cake is dead. It was hard as a rock
and tasted awful. Do I give up and go take a bubblebath to
sooth my wounded baker´s soul........NO, at this point I´m
mad, these stupid cakes will not take ME down!!

We are making an Ina cake, that can´t go wrong!

Take out the incredients.

Shift together all the dry incredients.

Put together all the wet stuff.

Add the wet to the dry slowly.


This is what comes out of the owen....they went flat.
At this point I am crying and making a lot of nasty
sound in the kitchen. Husband, or Hubby like I like
to say, comes in, makes me sit down, brings food in
front of me and pats me on the head. "Eat!" So I´m
eating and the tears are falling in the food...
AND back to work, like a dog on a bone, right!!!?

Whipped cream...mmmm....

Add cream cheese and yogurt.


I cut those flat cakes in four pieces and moisturize
with milk, spread on some banana, pineapple mush.

Cream mush    :-D      Ah, there´s the smile!!!

Pecans on top of every layer. Keep on layering...

Cover with cream mixture and put in the fridge over night....

Except in our house over night is not an
the little mouse hole appears. I guess I had to give a
taste to everybody after all that drama....

It tastes great already!

Then we all went to play frisbee out with the first cake!

This is what the cake looked like the next day:

Is it perfect? NO. Does it taste good? Heavenly.
What did we learn here? If one cake goes bad, stop
there, Your cooking karma is off that day! Don´t bake
angry, Your cake will go flat from fear.....

Njom, njom....mmmmmm!

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