Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Felt like something colorful last night....

Cut the cherrie tomatoes in half.

Cut the grapes in half.

Grate the limes and squeeze the juice.

Rinse canned black beans. (don´t forget to rinse,
Your stomach will thank you.)

Mince garlic and cut avocados in chunks.

All together now.... Don´t forget red onion cut small.

Make a sauce of pepper, salt, garlic, cayenne, lime juice
and olive oil.

Mix together all the other incredients except avocado.

Fold the avocado in gently.

Cook some whole wheat spagetti, sprinkle on some
parmesan cheese, pine nuts and chives.

So fresh tasting and colorful! Hyvää ruokahalua!/ Bon appetit!

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