Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fresh peach cake.

Except mine was made with nectarines and one plum instead of
peaches and almonds instead of pecans.
Recipe in the end and guess who´s it is....again! I do
love her recipes....they are always good!



Mix the sugar and butter in the mixer.

Add sour cream, vanilla and eggs one at a time.

Add the dry incredients.

At this point I´m losing gourage, looks like there is very
little dough and I don´t have a small pan like Ina....(biting nails)

I add the first layer, really thin....iihhh.

I add the second layer and need a knife to help, it just goes
over most of the first layer....looks so thin.   8-0

I keep peeking in the owen and my worries were for nothing,
baking soda & powder are doing their job just great! 40min later....

Ohhhh, so pretty and some unpatient mouse took a
bite before I had time to take a picture    ;-D

Really, really, really good cake!
Drizzled on some berry soup, does not need it, but
looks good!

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