Friday, October 21, 2011

Pcc hamburger.

I´m back to eating meat. I will try to eat organic or as
humanely raised meats as possible. Vegetables will still be
my main thing.

Here´s my reasons for organic:

Here´s my hamburger from PCC

PCC product standards

At PCC, buyers look beyond labels to specific ingredients and the method of production.
  • No artificial preservatives, colorings or flavorings
  • No hydrogenated oils or added trans-fats
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • All dairy is free of artificial growth hormones (rBGH)
  • All meat comes from animals raised on 100-percent vegetarian diets, without growth-promoting hormones, or antibiotics
PCC maintains a list of ingredients acceptable and unacceptable (see Minor ingredients and processing agents), which it uses as a guideline for approving new products and for reviewing current products that may have been reformulated without notice from the manufacturer.
The list is modified from time to time. More than 250 ingredients are on the list, which you can browse here.

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