Friday, October 28, 2011

Black Beans.

This is what I had for breakfast yesterday....was in a bit
of hurry. :-0 Piece of chick.

This is what I had for lunch....

Just kidding :-D I had more than this for lunch!
 I forgot what this is called, but they say
it´s in the melon family....

Pineapple, cottage cheese w. truvia and the ....thing, stuff, melon

I don´t need to buy this melon stuff again, it was ok, but just ok.
Hey, it´s fun to try new things!

Warm veggies for snack. I am going to fix
these huge amounts of owen veggies again,
it´s great to have on the side with anything,
or on it´s own like this!

The day before you are planning to cook your beans,
go trough them to make sure there is no rocks or stuff.

Cover with water and let soak overnight. This will make them
faster to cook and some say easyer on your tummy....

This is what they look like the next day, now rinse
a few times and put in a dish you are planning to cook them in.

Cut some bacon or hotdogs, or whatever is your thing
and blob in the pot!

Add onion, salt, pepper and beef boullion.

In to the owen. It was cooking from 2.30pm to 6.15pm.
First 150C and then the last hour 200C.

House smelled so good, the onion... the sausage....mmmm
It was good to come home!

I went trough some of the dish with a hand processor,
to get a sauce, but left a lot of solid too.

1/2 cup cream, check your salt and pepper,
maybe add some heat....cayanne or tabasco...or both.





  1. That's Feijoada! Brazilian national dish :-)

  2. Really!? Well, I totally get it, it smells amazing while cooking, we were all just circling
    the owen before I took it out :-)


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