Saturday, October 29, 2011

Food diary.

Yeah, not very tempting.....but fills You up and
is great if morning is rushed.

It was my "bring cookies for kids when they get out of
school bus" day. Well, other parents tought it was their
day too, so kids were happy, lot´s of cookies, but I had
to bring some cookies back home.... (not so happy)
I had 3 of them. What can I say.....if it´s there, I will eat it.
Therefore there should not be any cookies home!!!!

Lunch was good!

Banana, orange, grapes, melonstuff and quark sweetened w. truvia.

Snack time.

Luckily these were not super good, I only had about
10 and was done. Veggie chips.

Dinner. I did not have enough veggies, just a few
pieces of cucumber and tomatoes, some fruit,
must do better today!!!

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