Monday, August 1, 2016

Super easy homemade icecream😊

All you need is a can of
condensed milk, two little 
containers of cream,
vanilla and strawberry jam, mine was

Beat the cream until peaks form,
add condensed milk, some sugar, if you
want, vanilla and beat some more. 
Add jam last in ribbons on top,
mix in with knife and make patterns.
Freeze for 4 to six hours depending
on how hard you like your icecream.


Fresh summer drink.

Basil, strawberrys, and a dash
of sugar, mix in blender.

Happy August folks!💚

Easy way to get your lean chicken to taste great.

Chicken can get dry very easy. 
I like to marinate mine in bbq sauce
couple hours or over night.

I like to choose thin cut chicken
and cook it quickly in +200C°
for 10min. Then cover with foil.


Secret to a really good hamburger is
what you put in the "dough".
In this case it was nut bread from
#Stockmann #Herkku.
Also härkäpapu, that
is in english broad bean or
horse bean.

My patties had bread crumbs, härkäpapu
soaked in beef bouillion, leeks, eggs, soy
sauce, ketchup, mustard, beef, pepper and dash of 
salt. I cooked them on skillet first then moved them
in the oven untill cooked through.
Meat to breadcrumb, härkäpapu ratio was
almost half, but there was slightly more beef.

Go testing, that's how I cook!

Homemade strawberry ice-cream.

I read this cooking blog called
Brooklyn supper. This recipe
was a must make💜

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Strawberrie recipe:

- Buy strawberries
- Put on the plate 
- Eat
- You can add vanilla 
ice cream, sugar
or caramel sauce.

But best just au naturel!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Mid summer party. Juhannus.

We had a wonderful Juhannus.
Good food, good company, good
sauna and pleasant weather.
We made two kinds of salmon.
Smoked and cooked by the fire.
I will post a separate post about
those later. Here's some pics.
Ah summer😍

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Gluten free, meatless and milkless quiche.

This could also be called -Got Patience Quiche?-
It takes a long time to make. First of all
you have to wait 8 hours for the dough to
thaw. But it's worth it. I must thank
my drawing buddies for this quiche,
they are both meatless, but the other one is
also gluten free and the other one can't
use milk products. This is the result.

Here's the ingredients:

-Fria gluten free buff pastry
-1/2 bag of corn
-1/2 container of Violife "cheese" grated
-Cup and half of sun dried tomatoes, drained
and chopped
-3 eggs
-Oatly cream substitute 

Use these ingredients as you see best, and
test this quiche for yourself first time,
your owen and the always slightly different
consistency of the dried tomatoes may
alter the result.
Also make sure you thaw the corn!
I had a weird result when I threw the corn
in frozen😓

Cover your baking dish with 
parchment paper.

Mold the dough in the bottom and sides.
Mix all other ingredients in a bowl and
pour on the dough.

Add pepper and salt.
Owen at this point should be ready and warm at

I baked the quiche at 150C° for
30min, the raised the heat to 200C°
and baked 30min more. If the top gets too
brown, put a piece of foil on.
Now remember, your owen
is different from mine, so again
test this!

After the quiche comes out
(it smells sooo good)
you have to be patient,
it needs to sit a good 20-30min
before you cut into it.
The insides need to settle
so.....Got patience?

Hyvää ruokahalua!
Bon appetit!