Favourite cooks.

Ina Garten / Barefoot contessa. 

I love Her! Her recipes, if You follow them closely, always
come out just right and delicious! Her cooking show on Food
network is something I like to record and watch when in
need of inspiration, She has a calming effect on me :-)
- Highly recommend.-

Giada DeLaurentiis / Everyday Italian

Love her recipes, they have the italian kick in them! She is also fun
to watch on Food network, I love how she pronounces things in the
italian accent! Her vegetarian dishes have been truly amazing.

Ellie Krieger / Cooking Channel

You want to cook really healthy and calorie conscience?
This is the lady to follow!

Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos / Cooking Channel

Cute couple cook amazing italian food.

Bobby Flay /Food network

Good recipes!

Chefs who cook in the restaurant Grill It, in Helsinki Finland

Chefs who cook at the restaurant Kosmos, Helsinki Finland.
Food is always very good! Same as above, could not find
names of these culinary rock stars....

My Dad. He makes THE BEST meatballs in the whole world!
Hopefully he will give me the recipe, so I can share with You all!

Last but not least - Mom- You are THE best cook in the world!
Sorry I did not show interest for cooking as a young girl, but HEY,
I heard every word, tasted every taste and do just like You do!

                              - LOVE-