Cook books.

Kotiruoka has to be first in line. This is a book that my
mom learned to cook from and then me. Mom bought
me my own copy as I moved out from home.
A true finnish national treasure!

The happy herbivore is filled with great

Ina Garten /barefoot contessa.
THE BEST! I cannot wait for the next book from Her.

These two are great if Your trying to lose a few pounds!
Recipes are truly delicious!

Rocco Dispirito

Ellie Krieger

The vegetarian family cookbook. Nava Atlas.
Really good recipes!

Zest, beautiful, yummy finnish artist made food!

Taste, pure and simple. It´s all in the name! :-)

Vegetariana. Good food with fun stories, what more
could You hope for!

Joy of cooking salads & dressings. When You want a
special salad instead the same old.

Kastike by Michel Roux...sauces....need I say more😊