Sunday, October 2, 2011

Almost vegan.

These were the best english muffins ever!

Vegan bacon, vegan cheese, tofu with 2 egg whites and
pesto, english muffin.

"Bacon" cooking.

I wanted to "tie" the tofu together, so I used two
eggwhites. There goes vegan.... must find out
what a vegan would have used to "tie" the tofu
together...perhaps they would have never broken
the tofu apart....  :-D

I have to say, I did not expect this to be good!
I tought it´s silly to have vegan cheese and this and that.
Well, I was as wrong as one can be, it was amazing!
Tofu made it all juicy and bacon & cheese added
salty & creamy, pesto is just good. Hubs and I both
marveled at how good we felt after too, no regular
bacon salt thirst, just happy tummy´s ! I´m a beliver.

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