Friday, September 30, 2011

More "fast food".

Son is off to a B-day party and the hubs and I
will try to go to a movie, so a fast dinner.


Cook mushrooms and onion on a skillet, little oil.
(I do love my mushrooms don´t I....) Add soysauce,
pepper & salt.

Add the rice. ( I always cook a little extra rice, or
pasta. This rice is from the rice & chive cakes post.
 Makes fast food fast.)

In the end add feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, just
until they warm up.

Spread on a tortilla, that has been in the microwave for
36 seconds and has a little parmesan on to make things
sticky. Roll up and add salad, tomatoes, nuts and salad dressing.
Done and good....even the little man likes these.

Mozzarella/ pesto/ tomatoe sandwich.

Boy, a good sandwich really does not need much
stuff to be good.  This was good!

I get this pop at PCC, we call it the burpy pop...
for the obvious reasons. It´s good and no calories.
Later people!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


harbor resentment, when wronged"
My cake has wronged me. I kept walking
by that cake all morning, giving it sideway
glances feeling resentful and kept making disapproving
Now You tell me, how wrong is it to have a cake
on your table, that you don´t want to eat!? It´s wrong,
it´s against laws of the universe!

Something had to be done. And then I had the
mad good tought!

There it is mocking me   :-I
I´m going to finnishalyse it! (finnishalyse = transform it
to the likes of a finnish product.)

Rip that way too sweet frosting off.

Cut the remaining cake in half, fill in some holes....

Spray some juice on top evenly, to moisturize.

If you don´t have fresh berries at home, defrost some.

Whip some cream up with just a little sugar.

Mush the berries and banana, spread on the cake.

Spread on some cream.... :-D

Don´t forget to have a mini party.....

Put on the second layer, moisturize and spread the berrie stuff.
Decorate with the whippped cream and plum. Put the cake
in the fridge for a couple of hours. Or like in my case, be unpatient
and have a piece at once....

It would be so much better in couple hours, but oh,
it was so good even now! You can taste the lemon and

B-day dinner and the ugliest (but tasty) cake in the world.

Rice & chive cakes....   Add salt to boiling water and then the rice.
(1 cup uncooked rice.)

Cook for about 20 min stirring every now and then.

Drain well. Cool with cold water.

Grate the Fontina cheese.

Add all the incredients in a bowl.

1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 2 large eggs, 3 tablesp.minced fresh chives,
1 1/2 cups grated fontina cheese, 1/2 teasp. ground pepper.


Add the cooled rice.

In to the fridge for at least 2 hours, overnight is even better.
(It´ll be easyer to form patties.)

Take out 45 min before dinner, form patties, dip in
panko breadcrumbs. We also had artichokes, they
went boiling in big pots at this point.

Cook on a skillet with olive oil, gently - they break easy.
Transfer on a cooking sheet and keep warm in the owen.

Cook shrimp on a skillet with some butter, salt and pepper.
Keep testing if artichoke leaves come off easy, when they do
come off easy, drain the water and eat with butter and lemon mix,
or like they like them in this house--- with mayo.


Incredients, recipe in the end.

Butter and flour the pans.

Cream the sugar and butter. Add other wet incredients.

Mix the dry incredients.

Batter ends up looking like this. My son and I had to have
a  - lick the bowl mini party-  ...dough is to´die for!!

Spread evenly. In to the owen 350F untill toothpick
comes out clean. Smaller one cooks first, be on the lookout!

After they cool, cut tops off with the longest knife
You have, You´´ll get sraight cakes.
Insert another mini party :-)


Ready for frosting.

This frosting is way too sweet for my taste, next time whipped
cream and berries.

OKEY, what is it with me and cake decorating!!!!
It´s like I lose my mind when I get to decorate these,
I go way overboard, they end up looking GRAZY!
I need cake therapy    ;-D

Let´s celebrate!!

 The main thing is B-day girl liked the cake!

Then there was this:

But not to worry, it was soon back to this thanks to
help from the dear hubby!