Friday, September 30, 2011

More "fast food".

Son is off to a B-day party and the hubs and I
will try to go to a movie, so a fast dinner.


Cook mushrooms and onion on a skillet, little oil.
(I do love my mushrooms don´t I....) Add soysauce,
pepper & salt.

Add the rice. ( I always cook a little extra rice, or
pasta. This rice is from the rice & chive cakes post.
 Makes fast food fast.)

In the end add feta cheese and cherry tomatoes, just
until they warm up.

Spread on a tortilla, that has been in the microwave for
36 seconds and has a little parmesan on to make things
sticky. Roll up and add salad, tomatoes, nuts and salad dressing.
Done and good....even the little man likes these.

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