Sunday, September 25, 2011

Krabby patties.

My son told me on friday: "Could I have Krabby
patties on sunday and the meat kind, please?"
Krabby patties are these hamburgers that
Sponge Bob and His buddies eat at Crusty
Crab.... I said I would and got an
other chance to try to make the perfect veggie
pattie for me. But first, here´s Sponge Bob.

Mushrooms in the food processor.

I also processed onion and breadcrumbs.

Mushrooms, onion, fresh breadcrumbs, eggs,
soysauce, mustard, ketchup, pepper and salt.

Same spices for my son and husband´s dough.

My veggie dough just would not get stiff enough, so I
tried a can of beans, refried. That did it, we were
back in business!

Good patties!

All the necessary additions....

All cooked. See the NO fat floating around my patties
and they were nice and juicy inside even if they did not
win in the beauty contest.... Boys patties in the front.

The veggie version :-) Yum, really good!

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