Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crèpes / letut

Sunday morning and crèpes, the right kind of start for a day :-)

I don´t use a recipe, I just pour the milk, crack the eggs (4 today)
and add flour until the dough feels right. Not too thick or too loose.
Little sugar and salt, put the dish in the fridge for 15min for the
flour to expand, cook on a skillet with some butter.
Here´s a recipe for the ones with no time for adventure  ;-)
I do not use a food blender just a good old whisk.
I don´t put water or butter in the dough....I use my butter quota for
the skillet, a little butter before each crépe.... yes! I also added some
oats, to give the crépe more texture.

Peek under the edge, to see the color and if crépe is ready
to be turned.

Some of us like to eat the crépes with more butter, cinnamon
and sugar, rolled up.

Some of us (me) like to add avocado, salad, tomatoes,
gottage cheese and secret sauce. (Toby´s chunky
feta dressing & dip,
secret sauce??? because it is out of this world good)
Add little cherry tomatoes and pear......happy sunday!

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