Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lemon salmon.

Lemon brings out the good taste of salmon,
so I like  to put a lot of it on. Start with salt
and pepper.

Grate some lemon peel on top and squeese
lemon juice.

Add slices of lemon and sprinkle with oil.

Wrap in foil, in to the owen 350F or 200C for
about 20-30 min. Take a peek every now and
then to see if the flesh is flaky, flaky means done.

Mix a salad of spinach, quinoa, dried granberries and blueberries,
sunflower seeds and balsamic vinegar.
Leftover cauliflower, lentils and yams sprinkled with
parmesan cheese will still be great.

Salmon is done.

It´s dinner time again...

Someone was told to: "STAY!"

If she could talk.... "Hey, my feet are still touching!!!!"

Sneaking sideways..... that rascal!

"Let´s eat!"

This blog will be called
on monday, in case You wish to keep reading, I hope You will! :-)

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