Monday, September 26, 2011

Multigrain muffin.

There was pulla / pastry baking going on in
facebook (in Finland) and I´m too far to go
visit, so I had to whip something up fast. Something
somewhat healthy....multigrain muffins it was!

First I had to make sure I have all the incredients - Yup!

Measure everything ready.

Mix the dry stuff together. Then the wet.


Mix the dry to the wet gently.

Dough will look like this. Be careful not to mix
too hard/  too long, or You will have a flat
muffin situation. :-)

Fold in the dried berries, mine are currants and granberries.

In to the baking cups, top with walnuts.
Owen 375F for 25min.

Pullahammas / pastry tooth no longer gives me
trouble! :-)
Recipe from Food network:

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