Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Shaky hungry!

After running errands all morning I am shaky
and cranky, not because of the errands, but
because I am  HUNGRY  like a wolf. I guess
a couple of healthy muffins for breakfast won´t
do it....  "Add protein for every meal" says
Patrik Borg in his book http://www.patrikborg.fi/,
He is a specialist in nutrition.
Well, I have ways to go and lots to learn
before I´ll be a relaxed eater.....
Anyway, I had krabby patties floating in
my brain as I was driving home, so :

My mushroom/ bean pattie to warm up by the

Spread some artichoke spread...

Onion´s on top.

Pattie topped with low fat Monterey Jack cheese
and tomatoes. (In the background last weekends
fleemarket find...one of them :-) )

I will tell You, I don´t know where the strength came
to take this last picture, but it was mere minutes before
the whole thing was gone.....
What did we learn today? Protein for each meal and
don´t go too long without eating....
See You at dinner!

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