Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday dinner.

Good looking carrots! In to the shredder....


Fingerling potatoes cut in four and aspargus.
Drizzle olive oli, salt and pepper. In to the owen for
about 15-20min. 400F
Broccoli wants to be steamed....

Take out when al dente. Run some cold water on
to stop the boiling.

Take out of the owen and put on some parmesan cheese,
back in the owen for few minutes. done.

Cook an onion until it´s see trough, throw in mushrooms,
soy sauce, pepper. Add cream, parsley and cherry tomatoes
in the end. Done.

Boys set the table, let´s eat!

Forgot to mention the garlic head, it was roasting in with
the owen veggies. It gets all nice and soft and I will be able
to do garlic bread with it tomorrow. Nice.

Goodnight friends and relatives!

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