Thursday, September 29, 2011


harbor resentment, when wronged"
My cake has wronged me. I kept walking
by that cake all morning, giving it sideway
glances feeling resentful and kept making disapproving
Now You tell me, how wrong is it to have a cake
on your table, that you don´t want to eat!? It´s wrong,
it´s against laws of the universe!

Something had to be done. And then I had the
mad good tought!

There it is mocking me   :-I
I´m going to finnishalyse it! (finnishalyse = transform it
to the likes of a finnish product.)

Rip that way too sweet frosting off.

Cut the remaining cake in half, fill in some holes....

Spray some juice on top evenly, to moisturize.

If you don´t have fresh berries at home, defrost some.

Whip some cream up with just a little sugar.

Mush the berries and banana, spread on the cake.

Spread on some cream.... :-D

Don´t forget to have a mini party.....

Put on the second layer, moisturize and spread the berrie stuff.
Decorate with the whippped cream and plum. Put the cake
in the fridge for a couple of hours. Or like in my case, be unpatient
and have a piece at once....

It would be so much better in couple hours, but oh,
it was so good even now! You can taste the lemon and

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