Friday, September 9, 2011

PiZZa :-D

I got some pizza dough at the Whole Foods, we wanted
to make a fabulous pizza. Pizza dough had other plans,
it did not want to submit to our will and kept shrinking
back to a small ball.....

(Cute potholder I got in Finland from the Taito shop. I thought to
myself  "this potholder is going to make me laugh on the disaster
cooking days, must have it!" It works, we tested it today.)

I´m loving all the different kinds of tomatoes that are in season
right now, on to the pizza!

Spread pesto, add spinach....

Tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and a dash of parmesan for taste.

O H   M Y  G O O D N E S S!  The tomatoes, pesto, mozzarella.....
so, so good! Best pizza ever!


  1. I love your posts! :D I am so glad I'm following you. :*

  2. Looks really yummy! I also prefer to use pesto instead of tomato sauce. It's much tastier and somehow more italian :-)

  3. Thank You Isabella, Your blog and You are beautiful!

    Thank You Satu, this pizza was really good, pesto is the way to go!

    Thank You for the comments!!!!


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