Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gabbage is good!

Gabbage is really good, if one does not overcook it!
In Finland we eat these things called kaalikääryle,
It`s basically gabbage leaves stuffed with meat,
cooked in the owen and the leaves get all soggy
and ....yeah, not my favourite!
But, cook some garlic in a small dab
of butter, cut gabbage into thin strips, add on the skillet,
cook until just al dente and it is really good.

Today we had the gabbage and owen mushrooms,
salad and the rest of the family had rice, I want
a smaller scale number, so I just went with the veggies.

Dip the mushroom hats in egg, almond flour and
in to the owen.

This is what they look like before owen.

A big ol´salad and some avocado.

Dinner is served!

I added some apple to the salad today, little man likes it.
To keep the apple from getting brown, squeese some lemon
on top.

Have a good night!

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