Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday´s foods.

I had an egg, an egg white, feta, salad,  cucúmber,
tomato and avocado. Egg white has some good mayo,
made with safflower oil in it.

Lunch time. Shredded some veggies.

Added chili con tuuli on top of veggies. little sprinkle of cheese,
cherry tom and cucumber.

Snacktime. I need chocolate!

Well my dear, you can have some! Unsweetened cocoa powder,
truvia and yogurt.

The perfect non guilty treat!

For dinner I had chili con tuuli with miracle noodles, but I was
too hungry to take a pic, so here´s an other one of the lunch :-/

Evening snack pistachios. I love these things!
(so much, that I was all done with them before taking a pic,
the II uuppsss of the day :-) )

Sure makes a difference when you eat all these meals a day....
Did I mention that I think Patrik Borg is a genius!

I read all these books and I finally get it!

Hey Patrik, you should have these books translated to english,
you would make millions!


  1. Everyone needs chocolate, especially ME! (haven't had real chocolate since last Xmas)


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