Saturday, March 17, 2012

Chocolate kind of day.

Morning started with hot cocoa.

Non fat milk, unsweetened cocoa powder and truvia.
My kinda morning :-) Why is it that chocolate tastes
so good in the morning? and afternoon and evening....
and at heh.

For lunch I made  mashed sweet potatoes, cauliflower and leek .

1/2 cup half & half, pepper, salt and teaspoon butter.
I also added some of the shredded veggies from a few
days ago, to get some texture.

Onion & salmon cooking in safflower oil.

Added some of this.

Shredded veggies and almond milk & half & half mixture.
Chives and parsley for taste and color. Salt, pepper, soy sauce.

M.m.m.m. good!

For snack more choco.

It was a little dry so I dropped in some almond dream.

Smooth ér with hand blender.

A drop of  sugar free jam in the middle...

Uuups lens jumped to apples. Oh apples, how I did not appreciate
you a week I look at you like you were...the most amazing
delicacy in the world. We will meet again.... (I´m somewhat on a no carbs
two weeks.)

Dinner from Thin Pan. Oy! Cashew chicken....yum!

No need for evening snack, this girl is FED. Perhaps a rasberry tea.


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