Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Low carb bread.

There comes a day, when one has to have some kind of bread.
Any kind would do!

So I took out the lowest carb options I had and went to work.
Garbanzo bean flour,  flaxseed meal, psyllium whole husks,
low fat mozzarella cheese, baking powder, eggs and baking soda.

I just dumped some amount of all in the bowl and mixed.
Sorry, no recipe to give, since this was just a test, will
measure next time!

Form in to patty´s and on to a oiled parchment paper.

They were in the 200C owen for about 25min.

Aaaah, it was suprisingly good and had the right texture.
Will make these again!

Fried turkey bacon.

So good!


Thin cut´s of chicken on foil. Salt & pepper.

This cheese only has 35cal in each square. It´s tasty too.

Spread the cheese on chick, add chives, mushrooms and drizzle of

Roll up and put in two toothpicks to hold.

Like so.

Cover with foil and in the owen 200C for 20 min.

Take the foil off and leave in the owen for another 10min.
Take out and cover with foil again to let rest.

So tender and yummy!


  1. That looks so delicious! I've been planning to cut down carbs as well...maybe I'll try this bread recipe :)

  2. It was really good! Sorry I did not have a recipe, But next time
    I will measure it out! It´s fun trying new things!


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