Monday, March 26, 2012

Shredded meat and veggies.

Shredding carrots & lemon.

Red and white cabbage.

Pepper turkey and turkey bacon.

An easy and tasty way to get more veggies.

BIG disappointment! My sheriff, my black and decker shredder
decided to quit on me....I sure did not get very many uses from this
one. What is the lesson here (that I should have learned a long ago),
buy cheap, think you got a great deal.....NO!!! If there is some kitchen
appliance you use a ton, buy the good one, the one that will last you
at least 10 years! Off to the REAL kitchen store I go now, to get a
good one.....not happy :-(

Mrrrrrr...... :-(

Veggie scraps sometimes look so....poetic...ish?

In the pot goes a lot of veggies. Boil and....

Mash into a fab mash.

Boiling eggs for the week.

Let´s eat.


(having a meat free monday, will post all about it tonight.)

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