Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thank You, Thank You Doris!!!

Look what I just got today!!!

A heavenly package from Finland with beautiful circles for
under my teacup....I wish I could knit! Chocolate and salmiakki (finnish
style licorice, very salty, YUM!!!)

So pretty, I will get in good mood every time I use these!

Different color for each mood, I love them! Thank You so much Doris!
How super sweet of you <3

Here is Doris´s blog:
As you can see, she is an artist in knitting!!!!!


  1. Those circles are lovely, your friend is really good at knitting! I've never knitted in my life :P

  2. Ihanaa, vihdoinkin perillä!
    Ehdin jo hieman huolestua ...
    mutta hyvä, että ilahduttivat!! Niitä oli NIIIN ilo tehdä;
    sinulle; sinne merten taakse!!
    Olen onnellinen ilahduksestasi!!
    P.S: Nuo ovat itse asiassa virkatut, se on helppoa sekin, lupaan kyllä opettaa kun seuraavan kerran olet täällä ja jos tavataan!!
    Oi, tapaaminen vasta olsikin mukavaa!
    Ja otat muuten niin kauniita kuvia,
    ne näyttävät herkullisilta!

  3. Piparipulla aren´t they lovely and what a great thing to get in the mail, I was dancing around like I just won the lottery. Happy package!

    Doris, it sometimes takes forever for things to get here from Finland, I´m so happy they made it!!!! You know I have no idea what virkata is in english....
    It would be fun to meet and hugs from here too and thank You again!!! :-D

  4. Hi again!
    So it is really a snail mail :-) as it took so long to get there!!
    Well, I am glad you got it and it made you happy!
    Crochet is the word for virkata. And you use only one hook for it, as when you are knitting, you use two or five knitting needles for it. But never mind, you know your arts and food and I know my hand crafts!
    And do tell me what do you had in your mind when you asked me if I knit for orders. I do, but only small things ... but do ask!!

  5. Doris, I put a picture of the poncho in the blog here, just scroll up. I know you only do small things, but look, is it not the MOST beautiful poncho in the world :-)


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