Sunday, March 11, 2012

Merinque with lemon custard.

I bought AN other cookbook....yeah, I have a few..
This one is visually so cool, I had no chance, but to get it :-I

This woman has a show too and she is gorgeous!

Here is the first recipe I used to start cooking from the book,
You want more, order the book. It all looks amazing!


Whip together egg whites, sugar, vinegar and vanilla.

Oil pan with oil---canola oil.

Until peaks form.

On the cooking sheet.

Make an edge.

Making custard.

Mix, mix and mix until thicker.

Like that.

Cover with wrap to keep the film from forming.

Whip cream to peaks.

After 2 1/2 hours + 1/2 hour without heat, take out your merinque.

Take out the cooled custard and for heaven´s sake at this point
hold your horses and don´t do like I did in my grazed sugar need.
You need to let the custard get warmer and mix.
Don´t just dump it on the whipped cream and start I did.
You will end up with clumps!!!!!!!!

YA, clumps my friends, clumps! It was still very good, but after
all that time waiting.....clumps!!! Not cool :-I

Very cripsy, lemony, (clumpy) yummy stuff.

There, just an other one of my cooking triumphs.... Good recipe,
unpatient cook. :-D


  1. Tästä täydellisen ihanasta tortusta tuli mieleen vain yksi sana. Äitienpäivä! Juuri tämmöiseen haluan upottaa hampaani äitienpäivän aamuna!

  2. Se oli kyllä hyvää, mutta ei säily pitkään, joten kannattaa tehdä, kun on kenties seuraa tulossa. I <3 Merinque!!


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