Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dover with almond flour.

I think almond flour is way better at "breading" fish, than just your
regular flour or bread crumbs. Really worth to try!

Break two eggs in a bowl.

Put your dover fish in for a bath.

Then roll´er in the almond flour, salt and pepper mixture.

Ready to go on the pan.

Cook in oil /butter mixture, until nicely browned and flaky inside

Steam some veggies and prepare rice or pasta.

Enjoy! My boys LOVE this. Little man said "This is great, it´s better than
salmon!" That´s a GREAT compliment, just so you know :-D


  1. Voi mahtava miten herkullista! Tätä pitää kokeilla :-)

  2. I love love fish. Now I eat it even more often than before since we started to eat healthier.
    I usually buy punakampela (what's the english name?) or alaskan pollock (seiti) because it's good and not too expensive. I've never tried to use almond flour instead of bread crumbs, I should look for it! :)

  3. It was really good and the almond flour gives´s more moist in a really good way! My kid just loved it, always a plus :-)
    I don´t know what punakampela is in english, any white fish would be good like this.

    Satu, oli kyllä tosi hyvää, pitäis tehdä useammin!


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