Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good for Ya soup!

Sometimes body just needs soup, when it´s raining, when you feel
fat, when you feel cold, when you feel sick, when you feel happy,
when you want soup...


Butternut squash.





Kidney beans.

Just their color says, "I´m so good for ya!"

Peppercorns in a baggy, so you don´t have to bite in to one.

All in a pot with beef or vegetable boullion, salt.....any spice
you like.

Add a ton of garlic.

Cook until butternut squash is soft. REMEMBER to take out the
peppercorn baggy.

Make ér smooth and return the pepper baggy.

Drizzle of parmesan cheese and egg on the are
good for days!


  1. Good good soupie! I just posted a soup recipe (the fish one) on my english blog too :)


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