Friday, February 3, 2012

Juice gels

A girl has to have something good every day....just have to make
sure calorie count is not too high!

Want to go even lower on calories, get the no sugar choco sauce and
no fat cool whip, to top it off, no sugar jello! I have to have a little
sin in my treat :-D

Why is it that anything with a drizzle of choco sauce is so satisfying?!



  1. Wow this dessert looks wonderful. The photos are amazing! You're a photographer right? Can you give me some tips for taking food pictures? :P

    I bet that in USA they sell many products that's impossible to find here in Finland, for example that Jello (at least, I've never seen it here). I wish there was more selection here, sometimes it's hard not to say "Aaaah I wish I had this.. and that... and that too!"

    p.s. your beagle is the cutest thing :)

  2. Thank You Piparipulla! I´m a self taught photographer...I have not gone to school or classes for it, just took a camera and started shooting pics...when you do that a lot, you end up with some good ones :-) Best tip: take your pictures in the daylight ( not so easy in Finland right now, I know :-/ ) Add lighting to where you take your food pics. It´s all about the light.
    I don´t know if they sell jello, but you can get gelatin in Finland, you could do your own jello! And they have light whipped cream too, so yep, you could do this in Finland for sure :-)

  3. Yes it's so dark here that's impossible to work with light. Sure we had sun when it was -33 but then it was too cold XD
    Bad choice for me to start a finnish food blog in winter :P

  4. I actually have two standing light fixtures right by the kitchen counter where I take the pics, sure they are always on the way, but without them I would not dare to put any of the "flash" pictures in here. So adding light to where you take the food pics is a must. On weekends when you are home in the middle of the day, you could just cook all day´s meals when it´s light out and take the pics them.
    I´m glad you started your blog now, it´s cute :-)


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