Thursday, February 9, 2012

Need for meat!

 Craving for meat all week.... meat it is.

This pork was good, it´s been swimming in it´s marinade for
who knows how long....

Pop in the owen with potato and carrots.

Oil, pepper and salt on top of the veggies. Owen 425F and about 30min.
Use a meat thermo. to make sure it´s fully cooked.

Boil broccoli just until al dente. Drop in ice cold water to keep from
over cooking.

 Cook onion in oil.

Open a can of tomatoes.

These are the cherry kind, love them.

Add mushrooms.

Cook until smaller and browned. Add half cup of cream, pepper and
soy sauce. Check the salt, my tomatoes already had some, so it was
right on.

Add parmesan cheese.

Add tomatoes.

Meat is done and it smells soooo good! Let rest a while under

Cut :-) (knife went in like to´s gonna be gooooddd!)

("Knom, knjom, nam, slurp.......")

Oh, sorry....forgot about you while just testing. Load everything on
a plate and eat already! It´s really good :-D

Eat in candle light. We always do, it´s good for the soul.


  1. That meat looks really juicy! Love it ^^
    And also the mushrooms sauce looks lovely, I like mushrooms :)


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