Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Salmon dinner.

Cooked salmon in the owen, cooked rice...

Boiled veggies just until slightly soft.

"Hey mister <3, stop right there, I have to take a pic!!!"

They are so fast in this house  :-)


  1. Hello! Moi!
    I'm so happy I've found your blog. It's so colorful and full of energy! (I love colorful blogs :D)
    I like how you add those cute little images to your food photos, they're funny. :)
    I'm Italian but I moved to Finland few years ago. So I understand your feelings about being away from your homeland.

  2. Hi Piparirulla, so happy You found my blog!!! It´s hard being away from homeland, you miss something all the time... How is Finland treating you?

  3. I feel well in Finland, I love it! Except the harsh cold of course, that's tough for someone coming from Milan :P
    And the food... well I like finnish food, but I still tend to cook Italian food most of the times hehe

  4. People usually like the food they grew up with, so naturally you like Italian. And what´s not to like, Italian food is great :-)


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