Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vacation food.

Food was great in Santa Barbara, at first I planned on taking
a photo of every food I eat, but after a few, just decided to be
on vacation, so not very many food pics, sorry.
This sandwich was tasty....but why so insanely much turkey?!

Son´s macaroni & cheese. Pasta and cheese....can´t go wrong!

Lemonade at Marmalade.

Breakfast at the Bistro: http://www.bacararesort.com/photos/
Beautiful place, we loved every minute of staying there!

My son on caveman diet ;-D

A few more pics of our vacation here: http://www.thefinnish-americanartist.com/


  1. Hello, I hope you enjoyed your vacation. You sure ate good food there!
    My god that sandwich is HUGE!!! :D

  2. It was a great vacation, thank you! There is enough turkey in that sandwich for my family for a week!!!


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