Monday, February 6, 2012

Berry soup, juice.....

I made a big pot of berry soup today, we use it just as soup, or
with porrige, yogurt, or I scoop some in a class and fill with water.
Daily vitamin C, thank you very much!

Berry´s in a pot with water.

A little bit of honey to get that....well, honey taste. Truvia to
make it sweet.

Mush into smooth soup with a hand mixer.

Enjoy your C.


  1. Hello again!
    I've never tasted berry soup... I know here in Finland is quite popular (mustikkakeitto for example) but I'm not used to sweet soups haha
    The photos are amazing as usual though :)
    You have many colorful cups and dishes!

    p.s. can we exchange links? I also have an english foodblog here:
    (I write it together with my spanish friend)

  2. Berry soup is the best, you should try some with just a dash of cream and chocolate sauce swirls....Oy! I go to flee markets and antique stores for my new very favourite thing to do!
    Your other blog looks nice too! What links do you mean?

  3. I think I'll soon start to have the same hobby as you, even tho here there aren't many stores of that kind!

    I meant to add your link to my foodblog's Blogilista (well, to both) and you could add mine to yours. If you want, of course :D

  4. There are great flee markets and antique stores in Finland, I do my best finds there!
    Yes, let´s be each others members! I also have an other one:

  5. Now I'm your follower too ^^
    I live in Varkaus, it's a small town... maybe there is some flee markets. I moved here last september :P

  6. Here´s a link I found:

    Off to shopping then :-)


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