Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Turkey, carrot & chive balls.

Turkey meatballs are good and light...but how to make
them moist...

Like this:

Shred carrots.


Oy, smells good!



Almond flour.

Use instead of bread crumbs. Add pepper and salt....any spices you like.

Add eggs and chicken boullion mixed with hot water.

Add shredded carrots & chives combination.
Add turkey and mix, but not too much or hard, we
want fluffy balls :-)

They look good at this point!

Pop in to the owen 370F or 220C for 20-30 min, check for doneness
after 15min just so you don´t overcook.

Meanwhile shred some cabbage and carrot for salad.

Lemon to keep everything looking fresh and taste lemony.

Cook wild and brown rice.

Done and soooo yummy, really nice and fluffy inside.

Bon appetit!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ystävien ihanat sivut!/ Friends wonderful pages!

Luomutuotteita ja hyvinvointia <3 Mahtavia kursseja!!!
Organic products and wellbeing, great cources!

Taiteilija ystävättären upeita kuvia!!
Artist friends amazing pictures!!

Käykää kurkkaamassa! / Go take a look!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Veggie lunch.


One of these days I´m going to have to stop doing this
blog, since all I really want to eat is this, owen veggies.

Something must be wrong about them....nothing this good
can be good for ya!!!!!

Colors to die for!

I also had a real need for...

Spinach and carrot juice.

Been thinking about it for weeks and finally...

Dug out my old good juicer and went for it.

Water is filling my mouth....what kind of vitamins is one
lacking if they NEED to have this. A & K?

A real housewife of Seattle would have tought to save this for
a soup.... I did not...but will next time!

Had a hard time waiting to get a picture.

Aaaannd gulped it down, it was really good too! Does
not look so good, but was really, really good :-0

 Took out beans from the freezer.

They are fully cooked so just a rinse and heat up.

Done and oy, they smell so good!


Drizzle a little cheese.

Syömään! (come eat!)  as we say in Finland :-)