Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mango goodness.

People keep talking about some Aave mangorahka herkku, that they sell
in Finland´s Stockmann store ( )
during Hullut Päivät. (hullut päivät= Grazy days, big sale)
I have found no recipe for it, but could not stop thinking about it,
so I tried this.

It WAS good!

I had about 450g of mango, 250g of yogurt, 1dl sugar,
tablespoon of vanilla sugar, tbsp of lemon juice,
tsp of lemon peel, 2dl of whipped cream and 2 egg
whites whipped.


Whipped egg whites. (Remember! Raw eggs are not
good for everyone, do it at your own risk!!!)

Whipped cream.

I went through the mango with a blender. Want smoother,
do it with a food processor.
My defrosted mango was really wet, so I drained her...
Save the juice for later.

Mix all but egg whites and cream.

Gently, oh so gently fold in the cream.

EVEN more gently, fold in the egg whites.


Enjoy with a little mango on top.

I think next time I will put the mango through a food
processor, or get baby food jars, since I think it would
have been even better if smoother, but the male folks of
the house liked the the more chunkier feel...
It was really good, but to go to Hullut Päivät just for that
kind of thing, I would not!!! I have gone once and promised
myself I would never put myself through that again!
I tip my hat to you all, who brave the murderous rage
to get something at Hullut Päivät!!   :-D

Remaining mango juice, milk, agave nectar (or just sugar/ honey)
and whipped cream.

Mix all but cream together and in the end, add a dollop of
cream on top.


Hyvää / Good!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

10 things that make me happy...

Doris from asked me to join
this challenge, name 10 things that make you happy. Anyone who reads
this, you have been challenged!
These are just 10 things, I´m happy about a ton more, like being healthy,
but must start somewhere :-)

My child, strong, smart and super cute :-) <3

My husband, his dimples and his laugh lines. <3
My stepdaughter, beautiful, smart and kind <3

Tea in the morning and in the evening.

This cooking blog, inspiring to me in every day life.

My art blog, way to bring out my artful passions.

My camera, I love the weight of her in my hands, like an
extension of myself now.

Walking in the forest.

Flowers on the table to greet me in the morning.

Candles, anytime.

Last, but certainly not least: Family and friends <3 Love You!!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Asparagus soup.

It´s everywhere, asparagus. It´s  good, so no wonder it´s everywhere.

Made a quick soup with water, asparagus, cauliflower,  2 Knorr beef
bouillon and garlic.

Cook all, but garlic, until soft.

Cook garlic in butter until just, JUST a tad browned. DO not burn.
Add in soup and smooth the whole thing with blender.

Drizzle of cream and you´ll be having one of the best soups one can have!

Chicken filled pasta.

Chicken, pasta, cheese and cream.... can´t go wrong. I made this before
I promised to measure everything, so vague instructions again..

So, we have our cooked chicken and our al dente cooked pasta,
BIIIGGG pasta. Manicotti pasta......mmmm.

Stuff the manicotti with the chicken.

Drizzle on cream, pepper, salt, tomato and basil.

Add a layer of mozzarella cheese. Repeat the process, so you have
two layers of all.

Pour on more cream, add salt, pepper and cheese.

Like so. Cover with foil and in the owen it goes 220C for about
20-30 min, for the last 10min remove the foil. All this dish needs
is to get hot and for the cheese to melt, then it´s done.

Mamma mia!!!! Buon cibo! (oh mama, good food, is what I think
this means....)

And another week, almost gone again....time flies!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It´s time to vote for winners in the  Viva Ciabatta competition. Vote for me, I promise you long life and health if you do!!!! Wait.....,  I don´t have the power to promise that....well, at least I will WISH you long life and health if you vote for me!!!!
Mine´s the yellow plate on grass.  Thanks!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rhubarb soup.

Tastes great, fresh, is also good for you, all that vitamin C!

Strawberries, rhubarb. Did I measure my incredients...... no ....
I really need to remember to do that, not very helpful for someone
who´s never done this before, to not have that info. It´s just that I like
to cook like that, just throw it in there and hope it comes out all right :-D
I hereby promise I will be better at measuring!

Don´t Ya wanna just put your face in that :-)  NO? Well, I do.


All together now!

In the pot and pour in some honey.
I like to do my soup this way, since it can
be used as a juice too, but the real raparperikeitto/
rhubarb soup recipe is here:

Let come to a boil, take off heat, let sit for while and go through
with a blender.

We have soup/ juice!! For juice, I just put one part of the
soup and one part water.

Dog wants some too, but then beagles will eat anything and
everything...all the time.

Dash of milk or good!

At the same time I chopped and washed some veggies to be
ready to use.

Pretty! Have  a good week!