Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mango goodness.

People keep talking about some Aave mangorahka herkku, that they sell
in Finland´s Stockmann store ( )
during Hullut Päivät. (hullut päivät= Grazy days, big sale)
I have found no recipe for it, but could not stop thinking about it,
so I tried this.

It WAS good!

I had about 450g of mango, 250g of yogurt, 1dl sugar,
tablespoon of vanilla sugar, tbsp of lemon juice,
tsp of lemon peel, 2dl of whipped cream and 2 egg
whites whipped.


Whipped egg whites. (Remember! Raw eggs are not
good for everyone, do it at your own risk!!!)

Whipped cream.

I went through the mango with a blender. Want smoother,
do it with a food processor.
My defrosted mango was really wet, so I drained her...
Save the juice for later.

Mix all but egg whites and cream.

Gently, oh so gently fold in the cream.

EVEN more gently, fold in the egg whites.


Enjoy with a little mango on top.

I think next time I will put the mango through a food
processor, or get baby food jars, since I think it would
have been even better if smoother, but the male folks of
the house liked the the more chunkier feel...
It was really good, but to go to Hullut Päivät just for that
kind of thing, I would not!!! I have gone once and promised
myself I would never put myself through that again!
I tip my hat to you all, who brave the murderous rage
to get something at Hullut Päivät!!   :-D

Remaining mango juice, milk, agave nectar (or just sugar/ honey)
and whipped cream.

Mix all but cream together and in the end, add a dollop of
cream on top.


Hyvää / Good!

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