Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Aleksi from Viva Ciabatta
challenged readers to come up with
a recipe where cucumber is used in some other way than the
old salad or just a veggie side with tomato. (If you are on no carbs
diet, approach Aleksi´s blog with caution, mouth watering bread
ahead!! You have been warned.)
Well....I have never really tought of cucumber more profoundly,
it´s not a very complicated veggie, but after being challenged
I have spent some time pondering cucumber quality. :-D
What I like about cucumber is the "CRUNCH"  If you are
buying one, always lift it in the air horizontally and if there is any
droop, leave it in the store. It must be hard and have no
soft spots. So, cooking cucumber is not an option for me,
must be raw. I also wanted to add even more "crunch", so
here is what I came up with....Still a I won´t be
winning this competition, but this turned out to be the best
salad I have ever had!

It did not hurt my salad´s desirability that it was a sunny,
beautiful and rather warm day. This would rock on a hot
summer day!

Cast of characters: Cucumber thinly sliced, watermelon,
a good balsamic vinegar, amish gorgonzola and salted
roasted pistachios.

Go easy on the gorgonzola or it will overpower the dish!

Chop the pistachios in tiny pieces, to bring out the taste.

So fresh and crunchy!!!


  1. Gorgonzola is my favorite cheese, especially the creamy not-too-blue version they sell in Italy!

  2. It´s so good, just have to be careful or it will take over the dish completely.


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