Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sodastream and mango.

I got a  sodamaker for X-mas and just now started using
it, I thought it was going to be really complicated to use but,
it´s really easy and the soda tastes just right!!! Yey! No more
hauling pop from the store, just use your own house water and
this device!!!

 It was easy to put together and easy to use.

Tapwater, a few (3) presses on the button.

Add some taste, these came with box. Shake, let settle and you have soda!!! :-D

I´m so happy!  It was getting on my nerves to pay so much for
soda! I got my soda at the PCC, so was prizey! But
now I can use truvia for sweetness and some real vanilla for taste,
vanilla soda....mmmmmm! I know what I´m getting my Dad for his
B-day :-D

My soda moment had some blueberries and mango too.

Peel and cut the mango.

Pile it on together, some light whipped cream.....

Better that any candy people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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