Sunday, January 22, 2012

Childhood classic. Nakkikastike/ hot dog sauce.

Hot dog sauce probably does not sound right for americans....
I think americans prefer their hot dogs with a hot dog bun....?
I´m pretty sure all of us finns had this once a month
growing up, I know we did and we loved it! It´s creamy,
salty and it has hot dog in it, what´s not to love! :-D
My boys here will eat it, there is no big hurray moments,
but they eat it...I have to have this once a year, at least. 

 I cooked some cauliflower.

 Some red cabbage.

Cook onion until translucent. 


 Add 2tbs flour, or more if you like your sauce
thicker. Drop in a beef boullion cube to melt.
Cook mixture for a few minutes to get that "raw"
flour taste off. Add Water.

 Mix until it thickens, add cut up hot dogs, soy sauce, mustard,
ketchup, pepper, salt, tabasco and milk/ cream mixture. Cook
on low for 10min. Don´t forget to stir often.

Stack on top of veggies and pasta.

Enjoy :-)

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