Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fast chicken.

Put your chicks in boiling salted water and boil until no more pink
inside, this will be even faster if You cut the chick in pieces.
It is suprisingly tender....unless you boil too long. Add cabbage
at some point depending how al dente you want that to be.

Found some edible flowers at the store, how nice, these will make
lunch really special!

My family and I call this "secret sauce", it´s the B-E-S-T sauce
ever, don´t hesitate if you run into it somewhere ;-D

Chicken, cabbage, flowers :-), egg white, tomato, cucumber,
mozzarella, spinach, rasberries and secret sauce. I was so full after
this meal, that my usual after lunch -sweets craving- did not have time
to show up.....should I finally believe what my sister always says:
" Fill your stomach with so much veggies, that you can´t eat sweets...."
My sister is in great shape and eats her veggies and fruit.

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