Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sick day quick.

This kind of food is great for those days when
you are still not yourself after a cold AND the
rest of the family gets sick too. Just run to the
store with your lungs wheezing and buy quick

Oh, but I am ready for this cold wave to be over...
I am getting nothing done.....
Stay healthy my friends!!!!!!!!!


  1. My cold is about to end, still no appetite. Your photos make me think about food for the first time in days:)

  2. Oh, you are lucky. When I´m sick, my sweet tooth goes´s been nonstop sweets fest here for the last week. :-(
    Hope your cold is gone for the weekend!!!!

  3. Now I feel pretty ok and I´m already planning cookings for the weekend:) Something relating to Australia would be nice.

  4. I can´t wait for the Australia inspiration! I have always wanted to travel there...sigh.


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