Monday, November 28, 2011

When you have way too much turkey left....

We got way too big a turkey this year....

So the leftover issue was heavily on my mind, not to mention
in the fridge....

Out comes the food processor.....did I mention how
much I love this gadget!!! Turkey was in very small
form very fast....

Throw in the stuffing.....


Some eggs, I put in three.

Some mozzarella to add moisture and well...cheese.

Pepper & salt.

Form in to balls.

In the owen 200C for 20 min.

And something amazing comes out!

They turned out to be really good and tasty!

Njom, njom......

We will be happy to have some more tomorrow.

I know, I´s not first of December yet,
but I saw this tiny X-mas tree and just had to
bring it home, all the homecoming folk was really
happy to see it, so I did good :-) It´s looking in from the
porch, cute!

It´s going to be a cold night. 

Sleep well!

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