Thursday, November 17, 2011

Finnish style pancake.

 Good Morning! I went to sleep at 10.30pm insted of my
normal 11.30pm and woke up at 5.45am all happy, awake
and excited for the coming day! Note to self, do that more
often!!! So, I felt the need to make everybody else´s morning
good, pancake / pannukakku it was!

8dl Milk , 5 eggs, 4dl flour, teaspoon of baking powder,
Dash of sugar and salt. Add vanilla if You wish.
(1 (US) cup is equal to 2.36588237 deciliters)


Mix all together, pour on a cookie sheet covered
with parchment paper and in the owen 425F/ 225C about

Dough will do all kinds of bubbling and jumping,
ignore, but keep in eye on it, we don´t want it to burn!

While your´re waiting, whip up some cream.

All done, smell´s soooo good. Take out your best
jam and.....

Njom, njom, njom......

It´s a wonderful morning! Make it a great one in your end too!

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