Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Twilight tuesday .

All You, who do not care for Twilight-y stuff,
skip this posting!

(waiting........ok, good! Now it´s just us twigrazys!)

I´m going to go see the first Twilight movie tonight at a
movie theatre!! Juuuhhhuuuu! Whoever thought to
show the movies again is an angel! How fun to see
these before the much awaited  "Breaking dawn"
18th of this month Juhhuuuuu! (just a little exited, JUHUUUUUU!)
Here´s a painting I made after seeing Twilight:

Trying to capture his soul.... sigh....

I´m loving this new picture of him from the new movie.

Mmmmmm...... so tender.

And how about this:

....whaaa...ttt huh.......is it hot in here.....

Twilight tonight!!!!! Juhuuuuuuuuu!

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