Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pumpkin crepes...No. Pumpkin pancake...sort of.

Pumpkin is not an easy incredient.

The male persons of the household did not really care
for the pumpkin soup, it´s sweet and rich. So I thought I would
make something the whole family loves...crepes.

I added milk and eggs in the soup.

White and whole wheat flour.

Here´s the first hopeful crepe....looks so pretty, color is amazing.

I go and try to turn....the whole thing crumbles in to a big
ugly it goes, first ones always go bad. Let´s try

Second hopeful...... NO, not working. I really need to learn to throw
them around, that would have saved the day! I try one more....Noup,
will not work. At this point I COULD HAVE added more
eggs and flour,but since things can´t be done the easy way,
I have to go and try something else.

I add a little baking soda and pop the dough on the
cookie sheet and in to the owen it goes.

It took 40min to get even close to firm.....and is still really
gooey inside! There are some hungry people around me at
this point asking "when do we eat, when do we eat!!!???"

I finally manage to srape off some kind of pieces
on people´s plates and it tastes ok, but really messy

Just another successful cooking day.....

HAVE A GOOD DAY! :-)  (oh, and last nights Twilight
movie was d-r-e-a-m-y....sigh....)

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