Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mushroom soup.

X-mas has landed our home.

Soup incredients.

Soak your dried mushrooms in hot water for 20min.
Dried mushrooms give the soup a nice intense
flavour and the liquid from the soak too.

Cut your fresh mushroom to a size you like.

Cook onion and some of the fresh mushrooms on a skillet.

Cook the rest of the mushrooms until small and caramelized.

Remember to scrape the pan for the GOOD bits.

Remove dried plumbed up mushrooms from liquid.

Add flour on the onion/ mushroom mix, cook.

Add soak water.

Not all of it though, leave the sand :-)

Add more hot liquid with a good demi-glace.

Smooth in to this with hand blender.

Warm your caramelized mushrooms and the dried ones together
on a skillet....

Add in to soup, throw in some salt and pepper, maybe
some soysauce too....

A little cream, naturally!

Mmmmmm..... so mushroomy good!

I love this waiting for X-mas part......sigh... :-D Happy.


  1. Taas kerran, ihania kuvia, jouluisia ja kauniita... Huokaus, rauha tuli sieluun kun sai niitä katsella. Nyt kestän taas noita lapsia :-)

  2. Kiitos ihana kuulla :-) Lapsissa on joinain päivinä ihan -juu- kestämistä ;-D


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