Monday, December 5, 2011

Best chick You´ll ever have.

It´s Ina´s chick naturally.....
Here´s the recipe :

Lemon & garlic = going to be good.

I used dried thyme insted of fresh and apple juice insted of
white wine. Also, right as I brought the chick home, I put some
salt on it....intensifies the taste.

Garlic has been cooked in oil, take off the heat add
Apple juice, thyme, oregano, lemon peel, lemon juice and salt.
Smells so good!

Pour in your cooking dish.

Pat chicken breast dry, spread some oil and add salt & pepper.
Put in the dish and add lemon wedges. In the owen 400F / 210C
for 30 - 40min.

Take out, check for doneness and cover with foil
for 5-10min.

Cut & serve to very pleased people. Skin off for the calorie

Pour some cooking liquid, garlic chunks and balsamic vinegar
on the bread....oy!
Best chicken I have ever had! Thank god for Ina!


  1. Hei mahtavaa! Tarvitsinkin juuri uusia chick-reseptejä :-) Aina tulee tehtyä sitä iänikuista curry broitskua tms. Sitruuna ja valkosipuli ne yhteen soppii :-)

  2. Ja on kuule SIIS niin mehukas, että! :-D

  3. Nice to have new chicken dish to try. There is never too many of them!


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