Saturday, December 3, 2011

By popular demand - meatpie-.

The men folk in this house informed me, that it´s time...
Time for comforting, satisfying meatpie. Am I going to say
no to comforting, satisfying.... in a word....NO.

Puff pastry defrosting on the counter for an hour, shape to your cookie
sheet with a rolling pin, parchment paper under.

Cook your hamburger meat, add spices like ketchup, mustard,
soysauce, salt & pepper. I had some brown rice in the freezer,
defrosted that and had some hard boiled eggs in the fridge......

Mix it all together, add some flour mixed with cream to add stickiness.
Brown rice is better for you, but it does not get sticky, like white rice.

Pour on top of the dough, spread, make sure you get the edges too.

Put the top on and fold edges under, press to seal.

Spread the eggwash on and....

Decorate with fork and poke holes all over for the air to escape.
In the owen 200C or 395F about 30min, look for beautiful brown

Like folk are circling.


My mom used to make this and oh, we loved it. I still can´t get
it to taste as good....most likely never will. Some things just taste
better at mom´s! So be it :-)


  1. Looks great! We don´t have puff pastry like that in our shops, light and flexible. What would you recommend as a substitute?

  2. Thanks! I think my mom used just the plain old voitaikina from the freezer section.

  3. Ok, voitaikina it shall be, when I try this:)


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