Sunday, June 12, 2016


Gluten free, meatless and milkless quiche.

This could also be called -Got Patience Quiche?-
It takes a long time to make. First of all
you have to wait 8 hours for the dough to
thaw. But it's worth it. I must thank
my drawing buddies for this quiche,
they are both meatless, but the other one is
also gluten free and the other one can't
use milk products. This is the result.

Here's the ingredients:

-Fria gluten free buff pastry
-1/2 bag of corn
-1/2 container of Violife "cheese" grated
-Cup and half of sun dried tomatoes, drained
and chopped
-3 eggs
-Oatly cream substitute 

Use these ingredients as you see best, and
test this quiche for yourself first time,
your owen and the always slightly different
consistency of the dried tomatoes may
alter the result.
Also make sure you thaw the corn!
I had a weird result when I threw the corn
in frozen😓

Cover your baking dish with 
parchment paper.

Mold the dough in the bottom and sides.
Mix all other ingredients in a bowl and
pour on the dough.

Add pepper and salt.
Owen at this point should be ready and warm at

I baked the quiche at 150C° for
30min, the raised the heat to 200C°
and baked 30min more. If the top gets too
brown, put a piece of foil on.
Now remember, your owen
is different from mine, so again
test this!

After the quiche comes out
(it smells sooo good)
you have to be patient,
it needs to sit a good 20-30min
before you cut into it.
The insides need to settle
so.....Got patience?

Hyvää ruokahalua!
Bon appetit!


I have high hopes for my tiny garden
this year. I'm dreaming of a hot house,
husband not on board about that yet,
but I will keep talking him
into it....Maybe next summer😊

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Sonny's pancakes. (Avocado protein pancakes)

It's been tested, avocado works just as well as banana
in these protein pancakes.


- Whole ripe avocado
- 1/2 cup oats
- 2 tablespoons of protein powder
- 2 egg whites, 1whole egg

Mix together with blender or hand blender
Cook on low heat with oil or butter until nicely
browned. Pour on some maple syryp
and enjoy.

Is it me or does my pancake pile look like
a frog? 😃

Hungry after oatmeal breakfast?

I love having otmeal for breakfast. Oatmeal makes
my stomach happy and is very healthy. The one
thing I don't like about it is that an hour after having
oatmeal, I'm cranky hungry, it just doesn't hold.

                    So I add protein. Right in the end of cooking the oatmeal
                    I add (when cooking for 3) a container of cottage cheese                                                  
                     and couple of tablespoons of protein powder. This is also
                     a clever way of hiding a bit of protein for a kid who
                     does not like cottage cheese. The cheese will pretty much
                     disappear in the hot porrige.

Now it will hold you over for a couple more

Monday, June 6, 2016

Roasted carrots with a twist.

Roasted carrots are great with just salt and pepper.
If however you would like to add a little taste
go with parmesan and finely chopped salami.

Oil, salt and pepper. I got this great salt 
from #Stockmann #Herkku #Helsinki

Mix together the parmesan cheese and salami.
Once the carrots have been cooking for about
15min in 200C 
(keep checking doneness with a fork,
we like ours a bit crunchy)
spread the parm/salami mixture
on top and let cook 5 more min.

Goes with just about anything and are great
just by themselves.

Hyvää ruokahalua!
Bon appetit!